Import Wizard

Import Wizard 12.2

You can easily import text based report files to various databases

Import Wizard is a small tool that allows you to use different file formats (sources) including text data, and convert them conveniently into a different file output. This will allow to close the gap between those strange SQL files that IT uses and the ones used by Accounting, since one team requests file in one format to work on the server and the other needs a format to work on a simple Office application. Import Wizard allows you to have the files converted before being sent to the interested party, this will reduce significant time between calls to get he desired file. SQL pros will find it specially useful since once opening the file it can be edited right away using all values and key functions to have a better data file, which can gather information from plain text and convert it in a simple-to-read file separated segments, variables, and other fields. Its preview button is specially helpful to review the file in different output formats, this will help you decide the format depending on the file's recipient's needs/interface.

Augusto Rivera
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  • You can work on most text source files, edit them inside the program and have the output file ready to be sent. Working on an Excel file and sending it as a MySQL file is a great time saver


  • You have to know exactly what you're doing, the learning curve might be high to new users, messing up with the import option might have the program locking up the option and sending you error notice when trying to open new files, making it useless
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